Criteria for selecting a board
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Promoting Your Business
Just like automobiles, not all are created equally. Some cost more and give you better quality and some are “budget” autos. While you are spending $$$ on outdoor advertising, you need to make sure that you are getting the best boards. The “value” of a board is determined by several factors...................... 1. SIZE: Bigger IS Better when it comes to the board size. 2. READ TIME: How many seconds you can continue to read the board while driving (safely) at the posted speeds. Higher the “Read Time”, better the board is. A 7 second read time is excellent. It allows the advertiser to put more information on the board. A very short read time may allow only a logo. 3. DISTANCE FROM THE ROAD. Farther away from the road, less effective it becomes. 70 Feet from the road is an excellent location. 4. DISTRACTIONS: An isolated board has more attraction than a board located within a business or next to a lot of of shops, businesses etc. 5. OBSTRUCTIONS: Trees, bridges etc can obstruct the view, diminishing the value of the board. 6. ILLUMINATION: A properly illuminated board has more value. High CRI LEDs provide much better illumination and visibility than metal-halide bulbs. 7. ROAD CONFIGURATION: A driver will be more likely to look at a board which is located next to a straight road rather than a curved one or a road with nearby exit/entry or traffic signals. 8. LOCATION: A “Direct Read” is more valuable than “Cross Read” (located on the opposite side of the road). 9. AADT: Annualized Average Daily Traffic: More the number of vehicles on the road, more value. 10. HEIGHT: Too low or too high reduces the value of the board. 11. OTHER BOARDS: An isolated board is more likely to be recognized than one in a cluster of boards. Therefore, next time you are looking for a board to advertise on, don’t just look at the rent amount. Look at all the factors listed above and make an informed decision. Do the best and get the best.