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12 Feet X 40 Feet Freeway Billboards to promote your business!

24/7/365 visibility - Day & Night! Visible to all vehicles (North & Southbound) Exposed to 55,000 vehicles per day Exposed to 1,650,000 vehicles per month ! Exposed to over 20 Million vehicles per year ! DEC for each display is 41,250 adults per day Equals to over 1.2 Million per month ! Equals to over 15 million per year

If you are operating a hotel, or a motel, or a casino, or a fast-food restaurant, in today’s

competitive climate, we realize that if you can't advertise your products or services

effectively, you won't be ahead of your competition.

What is better than a  massive billboard on Interstate 5, where over 55,000 vehicles travel

everyday? The high CRI LED lighted billboards proudly display your services day and night.


The 3 giant billboards are located in Anderson, Shasta County, near exit 668 on the east side

of the freeway - Interstate 5

Interested in promoting your business?   Contact us: Shasta Publicity Group, LLC 3728 Sunflower Drive Redding, CA 96001 Tel: 1 (530) 276-8646 E-mail: sdhruva@gmail.com